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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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The Dog Blog (Frankie Update)

Baby Frankie, nee Stan

We welcome back our Wandering Eye blogger, interior designer Carey Maloney. He and his husband, architect Hermes Mallea, are principals in the Manhattan based design firm M (Group). Carey signed on with Rural Intelligence four years ago to document the restoration of their neighbor’s historic manse, but over time his mind and his eye have wandered to topics further afield. Carey returns to his blog after recovering from his whirlwind promotional tour for his first book, Stuff: The M(Group) Interactive Guide to Collecting, Decorating with, and Learning about, Wonderful and Unusual Things.


So three years ago I wrote a blog to mourn the death of my Pancho (He Was a Very Good Boy) and to celebrate my Frankie’s adoption process (It’s a Boy!).To start the new year, I thought maybe an update was appropriate.

Update.  Frankie is perfect! OMG. Perfect. What a cute little animal. Fourteeen personable pounds of skin and bone and fabulous hair. No colorist could copy that hair. Overall, he has a sort of Late Period Picasso look. 

Frankie could have been a Picasso muse.  His look is very “Late Period.”

He is sweet and obedient, always looking to me for further instructions.  Now, if only Hermes was capable of learning some of these simple lessons.  That ain’t happening.

I once asked a Parisian antiques dealer his dog’s name. He responded, without an iota of irony and with typical French distain, that his “son’s name” was Didier. Son!? Okaaaaay. Certainly put me in my place — and frankly, my place was a far healthier place to be. I’d be proud if Frankie was the fruit of my loins, but he’s a little dog. I know this. That Pet Parent marketing label used on doggie commercials scares me. Granted, “owner” is harsh, but “pet parent” is cray cray. How about BFF? That works…
  I’ll have a Croque Madame and my son, Didier, will have the Steak Tartare, s’il vous plait?

Anyway, Frankie came to me via the perfectly named Perfect Pet Rescue based in Columbia County. I have yet to meet the people who run this organization but they do great Work with a capital W. They travel south and select dogs from the notorious “kill” shelters in Georgia. They have them vetted and chipped and put in foster care until they bring a rented van load up north. Then the dogs are put in foster care again locally until they are adopted. Such a labor of love by many volunteers.

Our Rural Intelligence editor, Lisa Green, got her Dixie-born Zoey from a similar source. Two years ago, on Christmas Eve, she waited in a very cold Home Depot parking lot waaaay upstate. Finally, a van pulled up, out popped her puppy, and there she stood — a stunned new Pet Parent. 

Zoey Green

The Rural Intelligence four-county area has lots of sources for adopting a pup. The wonderful Columbia Greene Humane Society is in Hudson. Search their “Adoptables” for your own Peanut, Buddy, or Slim.  (FYI, it’s okay to rename them — Frankie was Stan. He likes Frankie better. And he was only Stan for a few weeks.)  Search “animal adoption” by county for your local SPCA.
Maude is in Hudson, looking for love in all the wrong places…

Okay – what is up with all the crazy people getting Service Dog permits for their lap dogs so they can ride on their laps/out of crate on flights?  Even I, who could (sadly) easily convince my shrink to give me such a permit, draw the line. 
Yeah, right… The little heart makes it very ‘official’ looking…

On two recent flights I have been in a row with women with “service” dogs. Granted, the chicks looked plenty nuts without the pup; with a pup should be grounds for involuntary commitment. One kept singing — very audibly — to herself. Mildly worrying. SUPER annoying. I felt for that poor dog.

                Save me!  She’s driving me crazy!!

Finally, since you will need to keep your pooch occupied (read: Very Tired), try out Agility Training at Karen Garelik’s “Doc’s Canine Obedience, Behavior and Agility Center in Red Hook and across the river in Kingston. 

Frankie and I love the Doc. She tried to teach us agility training — at which he excelled and I petered out.  (FYI – the human has to lead the dog… Who knew? Fun = Dog running around track doing tricks. Not Fun = ME struggling around the damn course doing tricks. So we completed our Certificate of Attendance (he thinks he graduated with honors) and that was that. Doc has an outdoor space for summer and an indoor space for winter. No excuses. Hated that too…

Frankie deserved a trophy for his agility.  I was going to buy him one and lie (“Precious, you won! You are so smart!”).  Then I saw them. Woof… I don’t need a ‘trophy’ that looks like a section of colon on a lawn.

Who remembers “Captain Haggerty’s School for Dogs” on the Upper East Side?  LOVED that name… Check out his obit in The New York Times.  Who knew?

The Captain – on the left. Not quite what I expected. Sorta “Silence of the Lambs.” “Precious!!!”

Let’s break away from the canine/feline domestic animal grind and adopt Farm Animals!  OMG. I want a goat and a pig. And a donkey and a peacock!  (Hermes says No, no, no, and definitely no). I’ll bet the Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary can help.

OMG. Please????? I ask for so little in life….




Hermes – he’s the one flailing around - has issues with the Southwood goats.  Our frequent, funny, and voracious trespassers. 

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