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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Tea And Self Care Brew In 90 Minutes At ExtraSpecialTeas

By Lisa Green

As a celebrity health coach, Karlee Fain has gone on tour with some star performers. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to get the benefit of her years as a life coach, yoga instructor, certified holistic health practitioner and author. On Tuesday, May 9, the Great Barrington-based Fain will lead an interactive workshop, “The Daily Thrive Practice: Nourishment for Driven Women,” hosted by ExtraSpecialTeas.

“Self care” is at the heart of this workshop, and, really, what her company, Every Body Thrive, is all about. At the ExtraSpecialTeas session, Fain will help participants unleash their best career and life opportunities by elevating their use of these habits.

Fain learned about self-care the hard way. While still in college, she simply pushed herself to an unhealthy degree (“I was rewarded for a long time for working really hard,” she says) and her body just shut down, leaving her with chronic, severe migraines and depression. Realizing there had to be another way to achieve success, she went on a journey and educated herself on various holistic practices, one of which was practicing Kripalu yoga.

Fain didn’t intend to become a celebrity health coach when she came to Kripalu for a yoga teacher training in 2006. She fell in love with the people in the region, moved to the Berkshires and built a successful yoga practice. As her business started to grow, she got calls from people — performers with some big names — who wanted her to travel with them. She left the Berkshires and worked with some of the most popular musicians, athletes and TV personalities in the world, teaching them how to achieve more by taking better care of themselves. Music label brass would call her up and say they were going to lose millions if their client didn’t practice healthier behaviors.

She was with them 24/7 (“them” being Lil Wayne, Drake and gangsta rapper types — a funny mix for a country girl at heart), and lived on their tour bus or at their hotels. “I’d oversee their health needs, making sure they were eating well, doing yoga and practicing mindfulness techniques with them,” she says. “I’d also monitor their health needs. Some of them had medical conditions requiring them to take special care of themselves in order to operate at peak performance.”

But after a while, that pace wasn’t so good for Fain herself; with Miami as her home base for five years, she was averaging just two days home each month. Fortunately, her business allowed her to hire a team of coaches to do much of the celebrity road trips, and she returned to the Berkshires. At her home in Great Barrington, she’s able to maintain her coaching practices and continue as an instructor at Kripalu, where she’ll be co-leading a three-day workshop, “Negotiating a Graceful Transition” in June with psychologist Maria Sirois. She also teaches classes at Lifeworks Studio in GB, a Sweat & Sculpt Sisterhood and Thrive Tribe Yoga for both men and women.

Working with A-listers, Fain has seen an oxymoron firsthand in the driven people she’s worked with: The hard work that got them where they are was what was preventing them from going further. At the workshop on the 9th, Fain will address how to thrive in the new economy not by doing more, or working harder, but by elevating your self-care habits and cultivating fulfillment.

“We’re entering a new era, politically and economically,” Fain says. “We know we’ll need to function on all cylinders in order to sustain this new paradigm. I can suggest ways to succeed in work and life by cultivating thrive practices so we can do our best professional work, and still have a life.”

The workshop is only 90 minutes long, perfect for the busy woman looking for a some guidance. The $25 tax-deductible donation will go to support the therapeutic vocational day program at ExtraSpecialTeas, which employs young adults with mental and developmental disabilities. The workshop will also include tea and gluten-free baked goods made by the ExtraSpecial teahouse servers.

“It’s not just about feeling good anymore,” Fain says. “It’s about making that a part of a business strategy.”

The Daily Thrive Practice: Nourishment for Driven Women
with Karlee Fain at ExtraSpecialTeas

2 Elm Street, Great Barrington, MA
5:30-7 p.m.
$25 tax-deductible donation
Reservations necessary. See event website or call (802) 355-7939.

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