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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Parties & Openings

March 25 - Lenox
Flying Deer Dance Party

March 16 - Williamstown
WCMA Season Celebration

March 3 - Lenox
Andrew DeVries Benefit Party

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Filling A “Blank Planet”: Opening at Ornamentum Gallery in  Hudson

stef laura alexander Scott Baldinger reports from Hudson. The young contemporary jeweler Alexander Blank  may hearald from Munich, Germany, where he studied his art at the university level. (He is pictured here to the left of Stefan Friedman and Laura Lapachiy, owners of the Ornamentum Gallery, where his work is being displayed under the rubric Blank Planet). But like a lot of Europeans, he is obsessed with American culture, and the show of his work at the Hudson gallery reflects that. At the opening reception on Saturday, April 20, steadfast Ornamentum admirers viewed Blank’s sparse, sometimes surrealist oeuvre, the focal feature of which were pendants modeled after Chuck Jones’ Looney Tune characters — Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, The Tasmanian Devil among them — only this time in postmortem skeletal form.  The “joke” (ah, the Germans!) was actually giggle-inducing, and so the reception attendees, much of them creative jewelers themselves, responded in kind.

astsuko satoru blank
Jewelers Atsuko Bauman and Satoru Bauman, with SUNY New Paltz professor Kerianne Quick; Alexander Blank with Our Town‘s John Issacs.

ninamoiga neimanis jeweler
Jeweler Maija Neimanis with Nina Scheff; fine art jeweler Kevin Hughes and Jessica Hughes.

demarchin susan michael marmes
Hudson clothier Paul de Marchin with Verdigris baker Regina Simmons; Susan Marme and Michael Marme.

mckay suter
Café Omi chef Robin McKay and contractor Stuart Farmery; Helen Suter and Kasimir Suter Winter.

peggeyetc devil
Realtor Peggy Polenberg, artist Myron Polenberg, and Nora Peck; Taz, Blank’s version of the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil.

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Posted by Scott Baldinger on 04/20/13 at 12:15 PM • Permalink